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PIER's Scientific Tools.

Research Vessels

PIER's primary research vessel is the R/V Malolo, a 46' custom made Newton that is equipped with dual John Deere diesel engines and has a range of over 500 miles.  The Malolo is capable of housing five scientists comfortably and has several amenities that help the team perform a wide range of studies.  The Malolo has a 30-foot harpoon plank for tagging swordfish, a Furuno side-scan sonar system for acoustic sampling, dive compressor and live fish hold for transporting specimens.  The vessel is the primary research platform for most of the PIER studies and is berthed in Oceanside Harbor, California.  





PIER also owns an 18' Boston Whaler Outrage that is used extensively for coastal studies along southern California.  The whaler provides the team with a rapid transport vessel as well as an ideal dive and sampling platform.  The Whaler is critical for the maintenance of PIER's acoustic array and used throughout the year on most of the PIER projects..    


Fish Tagging

Smart Position or Temperature Transmitting (SPOT) tag - for real-time fish tracking


pop-up satellite tag for tracking fish

Pop-up Satellite

Conventional tags for tracking fish


acoustic tag for fish tracking




Fish Physiology

In Vivo Sonomicrometry
In Vitro Twitch Kenetics


Long-term Acoustic Recording System (LARS)



More About P.I.E.R.  
The Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research, PIER, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Oceanside, California.